KDR is a tour company committed to investing in development projects in its area of operation.  A particular focus is on Soweto where KDR/ www.soweto.co.za is a leading tour company in the area focusing on both local and international tourists as well as South African companies wishing to expose their staff to the dynamics, history and culture of Soweto and its people.
KDR has developed the philosophy of “Development Tourism” where by it exposes tourists to the cultural and developmental aspects of the area, whilst at the same time contributing directly and indirectly to the upliftment of people in need.  As part of the process tourists, both local and international, as well as private and corporate, are given the opportunity to participate and contribute financially, in kind and in time to the various projects.  A portion of company profits (including a direct percentage of tour profits) is invested directly by the company in the projects. Other donors are encouraged to contribute where they have an interest.
The various projects initiated by KDR include the following.

KDR Sports and Adventure Travel (Pty) Ltd and www.soweto.co.za are happy to announce that it was able to facilitate the generous support from the Zoe Carss Education Trust and the Bright Kid Foundation, resulting in a fully equipped “Edutainer” being installed at the Siyakhuliswa crèche in Mshenguville-an informal settlement in Soweto on Wednesday 12th October 2005.  The Edutainer is a 12 m shipping container which has been custom converted into a pre-school classroom.
The Siyakhuliswa (which means “we are getting a hand-up” in Zulu) crèche was established in November 2004 by www.soweto.co.za with the assistance of the Bridge Nursery School in Houghton Johannesburg.  The teacher/manager is Lilian Nxumalo and the crèche accommodates 21 pre-school children at present.  With the new facilities up to 30 children can be accommodated.  As part of the sponsorship Lilian will receive further education in 2006 which will equip her to conduct grade R classes.
Thanks to the support of a number of other donors and a contribution from our daily private and corporate tourists, the entire property used by the crèche has been fenced and concreted.  A donated “Wendy” house has been converted into a toilet for the children who range in age from 2 to 6.  It is now a safe and pleasant environment.  Local labour from the area was used.
The primary purpose of the crèche is to provide essential early childhood development for the children who otherwise live in a very poor environment with little appropriate stimulation.
The company ensures that the children receive a meal each day consisting of an item of fruit, bread and jam/peanut butter, milk/tea and juice.
Unfortunately most of the mothers are unemployed so www.soweto.co.za has initiated various small job creation projects in the area.  Our mission is to make this project somewhat more sustainable in this regard.
The development of the Sikhuliswa crèche is a prime example of how tourism can directly and indirectly assist in the upliftment of a depressed area-“Development Tourism” in action

www.soweto.co.zais the official sponsor of the Mofolo Knights Footballl Club based in Mshenguville in Mofolo, drawing most of its players from the Mshenguville and surrounding community.  Mofolo Knights has been based in Mofolo since 1994 and the sponsorship has been in operation since 2003.  The sponsorship includes provision of kit, soccer balls, nets, practice equipment, ground preparation, transport to and from away games and fees payable to the Soweto Football Association. 
There is a first/open team playing in the Soweto Premier League and 4 junior teams.  There are approximately 100 players in the club.
The club plays at the Mshenguville gravel field and there are presently no other facilities.

KDR has for three years facilitated various job creation initiatives for unemployed and HIV/AIDS patients in Soweto and surrounding areas.  Various orders have been procured from companies for the provision of ornaments and decorations using beads, copper and other materials.  The workers include mothers from the Siyakhuliswa crèche, AIDs patients under the care of an NGO, a group of unemployed people from the Diepkloof hostel and a group of women in the nearby Freedom Park.  More than 60 people have been given this opportunity in 2005.  Without this income the participants would have little if any income.
KDR plans to extend the project further and to attempt to make it sustainable on an ongoing basis.  To this end it has initiated pottery classes in Mshenguville.

The company has identified a number of destitute adults and children in Mshenguville and has provided on going assistance and support of a financial and facilitatory nature.
The people assisted include:
One little girl of 7 who has suffered from Cerebral Palsey since birth.  The company arranged for her to be assessed medically by the hospital and clinic.  It then arranged for her to be accepted into the Sunshine Centre in Mofolo and pays her fees, transport and personal items.
A number of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  The company arranges for support for the patients from CARE and pays for transport to hospital/clinic for treatment including ARV.
Ad-hoc assistance to residents with documentary difficulties with ID documents and the like.

Projects under investigation include:
Many of the unemployed in the hostels and informal settlements suffer from poor literacy and understanding of English.  Many suffer from a lack of employable skills as well as basic life skills.  The company is investigating starting basic English lessons, skills training and life skills for the people of Mshenguville and Diepkloof Hostel.
Establishment of a new crèche in the Diepkloof Hostel.  We have obtained toys and have a group of ladies interested in starting a crèche.  It is hoped to commence in 2006.
Placement of unemployed youth with potential into schools in proximity to the Mshenguville area in local schools where they will, after appropriate training be involved in the development of ball skills and general sports competency.  After school they will be engaged in similar activities in Mshenguville.  (Being investigated with Active Education)

KDR has supported various entrepreneurs in Soweto with the development of various enterprises by way of grants towards start up and running expenses and loans.  Todate this has included a Curio store, a restaurant and caterer and a music group.

A number of young people and others have been assisted to develop as tour guides and other staff in the tourist industry.  Three people have been assisted with sponsorship to complete tour guide training at registered service providers and to complete the necessary requirements for registration including course fees, first aid courses, RPL process and registration.  They are at the same time given on the job experiential training.

Updated June 2007

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